Marketing Intern

Polimex Parcel & Travel; Toronto, ON                                    August 2017-November 2017

  • Research the demographics data available on Census Canada to create charts that would aid in improving the parcel delivery service.
  • Use a mass emailing service to ensure that weekly newsletter is sent out on time.
  • Use available tracking software to ensure valuable good are received without any damage.
  • Work with other interns to improve the visual interface of the website and brainstorm ideas for future Facebook posts.

Student Intern

Love This City TV; Toronto, ON                                                           June 2017-October 2017 

  • Work with a team of other interns to build a new marketing strategy to increase ad revenue of the digital magazine.
  • Collaborate with other interns and write a report on how to improve the interaction levels of the digital magazine by brainstorming ideas.
  • Use WordPress to redesign the way through which content is displayed on the website to increase the amount of time readers spend on the website, thus exposing them to more ads.
  • Monitor the engagement level of the newly published content using data analysis tools like; Facebook Analytics, Instagram Insights, and WordPress Statistics.
  • Write and create engaging content for the readers of the digital magazine on a weekly basis.


Customer Service Specialist

Walmart Canada; Mississauga, ON                                                December 2015-June 2017 

  • Greet over 500 customers warmly and providing them with an excellent customer service experience on a weekly basis.
  • Maintain high productivity levels by scanning merchandise quickly to ensure waiting time at the register stays to a minimum of three customers.
  • Adhere to all company policies and following proper cash maintenance policies to reduce fraudulent transactions.
  • Report any suspicious activity or transaction to an immediate supervisor to ensure the safety of the store as well customers in the store.

Program Coordinator (Leave The Pack Behind)

Humber College; Toronto, ON                                                      September 2015-April 2016 

  • Interact with over 100 students on a weekly basis and promoted non-smoking initiatives.
  • Develop content and measured the outreach by using the data analysis software from various social media platforms; Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram.
  • Work with a team of 5 members to brainstorm ideas and implement non-smoking initiatives around campus for students to participate in.
  • Create a short detailed report about the success of non-smoking initiatives on campus and discuss ideas to improve engagement with the team leader on a weekly basis.



Newcomer Centre of Peel; Mississauga ON                               September 2009-June 2014 

  • Fostered positive relationships with newcomer youth and assist with integration into the Canadian education system.
  • Translated Hindi and Urdu to English, and visa-versa to individuals who have language barriers to help complete important documents.
  • Brainstorm, create, organize and promoted community events to increase community involvement.
  • Guided over 100 new immigrants on a monthly basis by teaching them ways that assist with better integration into the Canadian culture and lifestyle.