Best Workplaces in Canada (2017)

Every year, a California based company by the name of Glassdoor surveys hundreds of Canadians from many companies from different industries and compiles a list of some of the best companies to work. This survey asks employees to rate their CEO, list their benefits, their salary, comment on their work-life balance, and give the company an overall grade. We here at Love This City TV looked at the list and decided to let our freshly graduates readers know what kind of benefits and salary some of the top companies offer their employees. If you want to have a look at the full list, please visit: Top 25 Best Places of Work Canada

Shopify (e-commerce)


The company offers its employees perks like the ability to work from home, lots of group activities to increase camaraderie, good starting salary, and room for advancement within the company. Depending on the position, one could stand to make anywhere between $40,000 as a Shopify Guru and $103,000 as a Software Engineer. If you are an intern, you could still make some sweet dough at $27/hr. Some other benefits include:

  • Paid time off
  • Free food in offices
  • Financial Assistance to learn new software programs

Ceridian (Information Services)

 Ceridian also allows its employees to work remotely, offers a good health insurance coverage that also takes care of your dependants (if you pay extra), and other performance bonuses. A Payroll Specialist at Ceridian starts off at $38,000 and has the potential to make up to $60,000 depending on their performance. While a Product Manager at Ceridian starts off at $87,000 based on their experience, they have the potential to grow their salary to $122,000. Even interns are compensated well as they start off at $2,000 and have room for advancement. Other benefits include:

  • Pension Plan
  • Performance Bonus
  • Paid time off

Salesforce (Software)

 Employees who work for Salesforce say that the company offers great health and dental coverage at a low price. In addition, the company allows employees to have flexible work hours and the ability to work from home. A Business Analyst can start from $45,000 along with good stock options, and health care coverage. A Software Developer at Salesforce can fetch anywhere from $138,400 to $151,000. Interns working at Salesforce can stand to make an average of $30/hr. Other benefits include:

  • RRSP Matching
  • Paid Vacation
  • Gym Memberships

Cisco Systems (Networking Equipment)

 Employees at Cisco enjoy the luxury of health and dental coverage, flexible work hours, and performance bonuses. A Software Engineer can earn an average of $78,000 before benefits like profit sharing, stock bonus, and performance bonuses are factored in. A Business Development Manager can start off at $152,000 and go on to earn as high as $167,000 when stock benefits and performance bonuses are factored in. An intern at Cisco Systems can earn $19 per hour. Other benefits that an employee can enjoy at Cisco Systems are:

  • Paid Maternity and Paternity Leave
  • Employee Discounts in selected places
  • Work from Home

Fairmont Hotels & Resort (Hotel Management)

 In Fairmont, one can select from a bunch of entry level positions to start a career. On average, the housekeeping staff earns anywhere between $13-$17 per hour depending on their position. Other benefits, housekeeping personnel, can enjoy includes; employee discount, free massage, spa, and good deals on international flights and hotels. A Hotel Manager can earn on average $67,600 before other performance bonuses, and stock options are factored in. In addition, they can also enjoy the luxury of traveling around the world and manage other hotels and resorts. Moreover, they get comprehensive health and dental coverage, free tickets to ski resorts, and discounts on luxury rooms. Other benefits a Fairmont Hotel & Resort employee can enjoy:

  • Pension Plan
  • Free Lunch & Snacks
  • Paid Vacations & Time Off

 Magna International (Automotive Parts Supplier)

 An Industrial Mechanic can earn an average of $35 per hour, and enjoy benefits like profit sharing plans, dental and health coverage, and paid vacation. While a Project Manager starts off at $119,500 but can go on to earn as much as $130,000. Interns at Magna earn an average of $18/hr. Other benefits employees can enjoy are:

  • Job Training
  • Childcare (only in some locations)
  • Employee discount on cars from Ford, Chrysler, General Motors, Toyota, and BMW

Ubisoft (Video games)

 Employees who work at Ubisoft can enjoy flexible work hours, comprehensive health and dental insurance, along with an in-house gym and daycare. A Graphic Artist can start from a base salary of $42,000 and can earn an average of $60,000 with a couple of years. The employees are also offered cash and stock bonus. A Creative Director can start from $110,000 before the bonuses are factored in. Interns at Ubisoft can earn a pretty penny as well, as they earn an average of $17/hr. Other benefits Ubisoft employees get to enjoy are:

  • Employee Discount
  • Work from Home
  • Paid Vacations

We hope that reading this list injected some excitement in you, and motivated you to get off your couch and start applying for jobs. Also, if you are wondering, why companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Oracle, Yahoo, and Microsoft did not make the list; it is because these companies offer the best rewards to employees working in the Silicon Valley. This does not mean that Canadian employees get a short end of the deal; most Silicon Valley companies run offices in Canada, and will gladly transfer you over there if you show the potential.

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