Receipt?? What Receipt, I don’t see anything…

Just a regular day customer service; people returning their clearly used products as “not working” or “not satisfied”, thinking the associates are naive and will accept whatever bullshit reason they can think on the spot. Little do these customers know, that not only most associates who work at Customer Service Desk know all the antics a customer can pull, but also anticipate the reason just by looking at the product being returned. (Side Note: If you are young teenager, looking for a job, you must work in retail, at least for a couple of months. Swear to God, you will pat yourself on the back for being so young not being as stupid as some customers you will meet).

Anyhow, coming back to the title of this blog post. This customer, firstly I have to applaud for two things; her wittiness (is that even a real word??), and her ability to stash receipts. The transaction started smoothly as she was returning clothes that were not used. In this case, I am taking her word as the clothes still had all the tags on them. Luckily, she had the receipt and even she didn’t I will have to take them back because they were from ‘George’ (Walmart Brand). Then she moved on some items without a receipt. Again not an issue, as the total of that return did not exceed $30, well within my limit of $50. Now comes the kicker, and I will try to detail that conversation as much as possible:

Customer: Well, there is something else in this bag that I would like to return, but I don’t have a receipt.

Me: (Thinking to myself: Well, why did not tell me this brand new information before I gave you a gift card for your previous returns without receipt) No problem ma’am, if it scans in the system, I can gladly refund you the money.

Customer: (Pulls the item out of the bag on the desk, at the same time a receipt falls down the table.)

Me: (I reached my hand out quickly, before the customer could get hold of the receipt)

Customer: There these three hoses that I would like to return. (Kind of paranoid that she did not take to look at the bag and not throw out the receipts)

Me: Well ma’am that would not have been an issue, if this receipt would not have fallen out from that bag. You see, Walmart only accepts returns within 90 days of date of purchase. This receipt is from 2015, nearly 2 years from the date of purchase. There is no way, I am processing this return for you.

The next part is when the customer think he can pull a fast-one…

Customer: What about receipt then?? (Taking the receipt from my hand, and scrunching it up into a ball)

Me: You are kidding, right? I mean, I just saw you scrunching that receipt up into a ball. There is video evidence of you doing it. (Pointing to the CCT camera)

Customer: So, there is nothing you can to help me?

Me: Yes, I am sorry (although not really, but have to say it, because you know…. it’s good customer service). And before you go ahead, and ask for my manager, I would like to mention, I will tell her what you just did, and she will deny you the product return as well. It is best for you, if you leave as I have other customers waiting in line.

Customer: (Takes the receipt from the desk, and leaves angrily).

Full Disclosure: This story is true, however, I was not the customer service associate at that time. My friend told me the story, I just spiced it up and packaged it neatly (well, at least I tried). No parts of the story are false, although they are slightly exaggerated (it’s my blog, I can do that, DEAL WITH IT). In fact, the customer would have done the same thing, if she had a blog, where she writes about her interactions with Walmart Cashiers.


If you are a customer at any store, I highly advise you to be courteous to your cashier or any associate who is helping you. You do not know if they are having bad day, because the customer before you pissed them off, or they genuinely don’t like working there. Although, I would go with the former one, because most people who work in retail LOVE!!! their job, because it is easy money for not a lot of hard work. Yes, I’m not gonna lie, retail is fairly easy as long as you show up on time, do the assigned task, and hold your patience; when you encounter some annoying customers. Lastly, If you are that type of customer who likes to complain to a manager, if you don’t like the service that you received, well I have a question for you; WHY??. Just because you don’t like the service you received, does not mean that employee is bad at their job, because I’m pretty sure in past they have been complimented for that same time service you received. Also, while we are at this complaining to a manager issue; let’s get one thing straight, the manager does not really care about your complain and gonna fire that person. It is just not going to happen unless, they get into a fist fight with you. For most part, the manager listens to complain for the customer satisfaction, and then comes to the employee and jokes about it. So don’t bother complaining, you should feel lucky that at least there is some one to cash you out, and you don’t have to punch codes on a machine.

The End

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