About Me


I have acquired over three  years of experience in the customer-service industry. This experience has provided me with many valuable skills, which I would like to apply for any future positions that I may hold. I am currently pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Digital Business Management. In the near future, I would like to use my experience in the customer-service industry along with my knowledge of managing Digital Business to help a business grow to achieve its full potential. Therefore, I am seeking an internship opportunity, which will enable me to use the skills that I have gained as well as allow me to learn new skills as I take on more responsibilities.



  • Proficient in using software and programs such as; Microsoft Office Suite, Windows Operating System, MacOS, iMovie, and Google AdWords.
  • Skillful in creating content and designing website using WordPress and Square Space.
  • Proficient in operating and maintaining high-level of communication standards on social media platforms: Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram.
  • Experienced in working with small and large groups to take a project from ideation phase to the execution phase followed by debriefing.
  • Demonstrated ability in taking initiative, multi-tasking, time-managing, giving attention to detail, and staying on top of assigned duties.
  • Experienced in a professional work environment with a diverse workforce to complete assigned duties in an efficient order with limited communication barriers.



  • Windows & Microsoft Office Suite (Full Professional Proficiency)
  • Google Adwords and Analytics (Limited Working Proficiency)
  • WordPress (Full Professional Proficiency)
  • MacOS (Limited Working Proficiency)
  • Operating Social Media Platforms; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (Expert)
  • Content Development (Professional Working Proficiency)
  • Video Editing (Limited Working Proficiency)